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Experience Matters Engineering Transportation Solutionssssssssssss

Rail Services Corporation is a Systems
Integrator for Communication Systems. Our
primary market is Transit, including rail and bus.
We provide complete Communications Systems
and interface with the unique other systems
elements of transit, including signal,
traction power and security.

We are the successor corporation to
previous entities that had provided related
services since 1986. These include Train
Track Computer Systems, Inc who provided
SCADA and Rail Control software, and
Rail Services Corporation who provided
Public Address systems.




New Orleans
Corporate Office

5736 Citrus Boulevard Ste. 101,
New Orleans, LA 70123 504 734-3773


San Francisco
50 California St.
Ste. 1500
San Francisco, CA

415 439-5365


945 Concord St.
Framingham, MA
508 620-4525


7721 W 6th Avenue
Ste. B
Lakewood, CO 80214
303 534-0866


Executive Office

10180 Telesis Court
Ste 240
San Diego CA 92121
858 412-4657




Kevin Hassett - Owner/President

Shannon Ybos - Comptroller/ HR

Ben Martinez - VP Engineering

Chad Gilbert - VP Sales

Eric Buras - VP Products

Regional Managers

Western Regional Manager
Steve Stiers
480 363-4005

Central Regional Manager
Mike Tiffin
303 534-0866

Eastern Regional Manager






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| New Orleans, LA 70123 | (504) 734-3773 |